What is Dynamic Intent Marketing?

Dynamic Intent Marketing is a system created by Michael Hart, a digital marketer and course creator of “Scale Your Coaching Program With Paid Ads”, and the Paid Ads Masterclass. Dynamic Intent Marketing is a systematic way to customize your marketing message based on a user’s behavior. This is accomplished by measuring things such as event clicks on a website, behavior with a digital ad campaign, video watch rates, and email marketing messaging. This was implemented by Michael as he noticed that many prospects are not ready to purchase right away. By creating an ongoing marketing message through email marketing, video content, and ad remarketing campaigns, you can develop and nurture a prospect until they are ready to take action now. To learn more how this system can help you, complete this short form to see if you are a fit.

Sequential Email Marketing Followup

Targeted Audience Selection on Search, Social and Display Platforms

Compelling Ad Copy That Resonates With Your Market

Positioning And Authority In Your Space

Dynamic Intent Marketing funnel